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Benefits of working with OEPL & our network of websites

  • Measurement and reporting - access real-time reporting so you can monitor which campaigns on which websites are working for you
  • Creativity - deal direct with the publishers who know their audiences to create better performing campaigns and target specific audiences
  • Flexibility - we work with you to find the best advertising solution, reporting and payment models depending on  your websites and your campaigns
  • Performance-based models - models include percentage of sale, per lead, per click, per thousand displays and more.
  • Accountability - promotion is restricted to websites managed by Online Encounters so you have control over where your advertisements will appear and how you are being promoted

Payment Models

  • Percentage of sale - used for retail, travel bookings etc. You will need to have a good quality website which takes sales/bookings online, and products or services that are desirable to our audience(s).
  • Pay per lead - used for websites where the sale takes place after contact is made, for competitions and surveys, or to build mailing lists
  • Pay per click - this is used when there is no more appropriate method.
  • CPM - cost per thousand impressions - use for building brand recognition


The tracking of sales is done using affiliate networks. This allows you to log in and monitor the traffic and sales that we send you at any time. However, we operate on old-fashioned business principles including:

  • Know who you are working with. We like to know who we are working with and are quite happy for them to know who we are.
  • Know what you are buying. Your advertisements will only be placed on websites that we control. You can see how you are being promoted.
  • Mutual Respect. We respect the work you have put into creating your business and brand. Our advertisers respect our knowledge of our audience and ability to decide the most effect way to promote them within the requirements of the advertisers.
  • Long-term relationships based on mutual benefit.
  • Trust and transparency. We arrange face-to-face meetings with advertisers wherever possible in build long-term business relationships.

Advertisers - Expression of Interest

We are very selective about which advertisers we promote. It must suit the style and content of the site.
No gambling, no finance products, no weight loss or health quick fixes.

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